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E l e a n o r   P r i t c h a r d

Eleanor has always loved playing with colour and pattern. Her designs are characterised by bold geometrics and graphic reversible patterns in a palette that combines chalky and cross-hatched neutrals, sharp accents and deep inky tones. Her aesthetic is clean and contemporary with a nod to English mid-century design. She has a deep interest in vernacular British textiles and sees much of her work as a reinterpretation of these traditions and techniques for a contemporary audience.

She has a very hands-on approach to design. All of the fabrics are sampled in her London studio, and are woven in the British Isles - the wool blankets in West Wales and the lambswool ones in Lancashire. Eleanor has a real enjoyment in working with these mills and in the feeling that she is playing a part in a long line of British weavers.