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R i c h a r d   B a l l i n g e r

Based in Penzance Richard Ballinger's new paintings are reflective of personal experiences past and present. Occasionally walking the Cornish landscape or even washing the dishes, my mind will trigger many thoughts of euphoria and my personal past. These simple tasks will jump start many thoughts, some good, some bad. These are all important in which create my Art. All artists can paint or draw a  picture in their head, I do. So I do not draw in the landscape I draw from it. It's taken inside me to the studio imagining how it should be, obviously some  sketches are drawn. It's fun for me making up relative scenarios about my life which will automatically create the right picture for me. Photographs, newspaper articles and books will sometimes help the process. Sometimes if the images are not right, a deconstruction will then take place. This is my favourite part of the journey - the shifting, sanding and scraping of paint, unearthing a brief history. It also maintains a freedom with the application. Sometimes the the work will lie dormant for a while, basically I stop thinking what to do next, down tools, I go on strike. Then I wait for the right moment, something triggers inside, maybe a new idea, an exciting new vision. With a new found confidence and no time to lose, I apply new layers of paint which will  form a base for new images. The journey begins again until I can take the painting no further. It's a challenging journey for the artist, what to leave out, what to leave in.